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Tuesday, Oct 22, 2019
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Mastermind Tobacco tycoon dies
#41 Posted : Friday, June 14, 2019 6:37:04 PM
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Joined: 2/26/2012
Posts: 14,887
Angelica _ann wrote:
murchr wrote:
Angelica _ann wrote:
Impunity wrote:
murchr wrote:
Kusadikika wrote:
murchr wrote:
Kusadikika wrote:
alma1 wrote:
Those neighbors were only there to eat free food and pretend they knew him.

This man is a true trend setter.

I have seen widows left with nothing to eat, simply because some funeral committee to set aside money for people to eat. None for the fees of the man or woman left behind.

I would say Kenyans are very strange people.

You are right, but then again on the flipside you can bet no one in that family can run for an elective post in that village and win for the next 50 years.

Raila has built the most loyal following of any politician on nothing but funerals. Ruto is trying to build a following on church harambees but Kenyans are not as enthusiastic about harambees at they are about funerals. As Michael Joseph of Safaricom discovered, Kenyans have rather peculiar habits.

Politics is not everything and they have never shown interest. They run successful companies

In Kenya when you run businesses beyond a certain size, you need a foot in politics especially now that mzee is gone. The most valuable thing to people with property and businesses are phone numbers. If Njiraini is on your neck you need to be able to call someone who can call Njiraini.

Taxes are a must even Sonkos wife had taxes in arrears which she is paying. Sometimes being in politics makes you a target. Dangote and Kirubi can teach many on how to play that politics card.

How did sonko's wife incur tax arrears?

You compared Sonko's wife taxes with that one of Mastermind Tobacco, be serious bwana.Hata kama!!!

No one is comparing anything...just highlighting that no one is tax except irregardless of political affiliations. Follow the conversation

Were Sonko's wife's d'oh! taxes individual taxes or business taxes? If individual, they they don't fit in this discussion. My take.

Are you trying to insinuate that she's just another flower gal? Mrs Sonko runs the Sonko empire. Back to the point everyone must pay their share of taxes you cannot hide under politricks
"There are only two emotions in the market, hope & fear. The problem is you hope when you should fear & fear when you should hope: - Jesse Livermore
#42 Posted : Monday, July 29, 2019 7:59:03 PM
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Joined: 12/27/2018
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Location: Germany
On a good note of that news I already stoped smoking like probably 10 years ago or something like that. I do not even remember that things at all. Are you with me here ? How does it matter ? Too bad that people will combat over his wealth.
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